Sweden, according to the Swedes is very attractive to start your own business and indeed it is. There are all conditions to ensure that anyone could open a business “from scratch” or a branch of a company.
State is helping the business and there is even an opportunity to receive a special allowance for six months, until your business will get stronger. In Sweden non-residents can buy and sell a business, invest without any restrictions and duties.
Registration of new companies in Sweden goes smooth and easy if carried out by professionals. Registration fee is not subject to VAT. Director can be any adult person with no criminal record, his nationality does not matter. There are certain services here that are not subject to VAT (healthcare, banking, insurance, education, housing for rent). Income tax for legal entities is the lowest in Western Europe, in addition the law provides ways to further reduction. In Sweden, companies with a yearly turnover less than 300 000 euros are exempted from compulsory audit.
And the last but not the least: companies from Sweden are considered more stable and trustworthy.