Legal and Financial Transactions Support

Professional financial and legal support is your peace of mind and security.

Sooner or later, the vast majority of us becomes a participant in a financial transactions involving large amounts of money. It does not matter whether it is the private (buying or selling real estate, debt and credit relationships, payment services) or an ordinary commercial procedure – experience and knowledge here is highly desirable.

Each financial transaction involves a potential risk. At any moment one of the parties may be under threat: because of misfiled documents, due to non-compliance with mandatory specific details, dishonesty of a partner or a force majeure. There are a lot of reasons for that. And only an experienced specialist, thoroughly knows all financial and legal background of this kind of commitment and can predict and prevent the occurrence of a problem.

Our company provides a full range of legal and financial support of transactions of any complexity and specificity. Extensive practical experience of our specialists allows us to state with confidence that there are no unsolvable situations. It is just a matter of finding the best solution. Specialization of our staff is a guarantee that you will assisted by a specialist that knows the topic in and out. We are working with the transactions carried out all over the world with contractors from different countries. We deal with each transaction from beginning till the end. Complex support of even a small, but an important transaction is a guarantee of a favorable outcome for our customer.

On request, we will:

  • Advise the customer before signing the contract;
  • Make a legal expertise of contracts and other supporting documents;
  • Deal with preparation of documentation (contracts, financial and tax documents, etc.);
  • Check the legality of the object of the transaction and the legitimacy of the rights and powers of the counterparty;
  • Register the transaction (where applicable).

We can also represent the client’s interests at the time of the negotiation and signing of documents. Advices of our experts will help customer to develop the necessary strategy of behavior at this crucial moment, and thereby minimize the risks and defend their own interests.

Great demand are services related to the lending business. We will help you make the right and defensible business plan (legally and financially) and carry out full support of loan procedures. Our staff will also assist with refinancing.

Our goal is to protect our customers both from misunderstandings, and from major trouble, and thereby protect their financial interests.