Latvia may become the best option for those who would like to start their own business. Country is perfect in terms of geographical location, it has quite flexible tax system and has a lot of state campaigns for small business support.

Here you can find all the conditions for doing successful business in logistics and transport area: Latvia has three major seaports, convenient transport and railroad interchanges, highly developed IT will help optimizing and accelerating your business. In World Bank’s “Doing Business 2015” report for ease of doing business, Latvia takes 23rd place. Recently, the country’s leaders signed the convention on the avoidance of double taxation with the 57 countries of the world.

Main advantages of Latvia to start a business are: ease of opening of bank accounts, the cost of registering a small enterprise and low tax rates (with 15% company income tax, and 21% VAT). In addition, there are no restrictions on the enterprises of foreign origin. Latvia is focused on non-residents’ activities.

You can start your business in Latvia already now by founding your new company or buying a ready-made one.