Finland attracts with openness of the economy, stability, highly developed infrastructure, low inflation, a reliable and highly professional staff and the perspectives for business development.
“Finland’s National Industrial Strategy” implements a special program for entrepreneurs, providing a good financial support to small and medium-sized businesses. According to it, the government can compensate up to 30% of the costs of opening and enterprise organization.
80% of the budget each year is generated by the private sector. Finland is the country where you have all the conditions for the development and prosperity of your new project:

  • exemptions in taxation;
  • government grants;
  • Loans (rates of about 4% per annum Banks);
  • exemption from VAT businesses for export and return of import duty;
  • transportation subsidies by region;
  • reduction of transport fares.

Opening your own business is easy and can be setup quickly when organized by professionals. You can start already now buy incorporating a company or just buying a ready made one.