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Our consulting company led by professionals with great experience provides you services of legal and accounting support of business activities in such European countries as Finland, Sweden, Baltic States, Poland, Czech Republic and Malta.

Contact us and you will be able to start your business in Europe that will produce considerable profit. Our services are delivered on favorable terms and helping you to cut costs. Our specialists have an individual and unique approach to each client looking thoroughly into all specific details.

Take your first step to improve the quality of life – contact our consulting company. You will get an excellent opportunity to enter European market offering your goods or services  and get a profit in avery short term.

Engaging with our company will let you having highly developed and functioning business. WE deal with businesses of all scopes and scales. We will carefully choose the best and most appropriate solutions to let you earn more and spend less. Services we provide are the following:

  • registration of the company (sale of existing one);
  • maintenance of accounting;
  • tax advisory;
  • opening of the virtual office.

Besides, our expert lawyers provide legal support of all types in accordance with the legislation of the European Union. Entrust the opening of your business to us and you will not have to deal with any claims from regulatory bodies. Your business will work as a chronometer – precisely and systematically.

All services are provided by our company are in the framework of outsourcing. Remote company’s management, with the help of virtual office, allows cutting costs, withdrawing from expenses on salaries of office workers and fulfillment of social obligations foreseen in the legislation of the European Union.

Thanks to effective business processes developed you can now find and implement solutions even if the owner of the company geographically is outside the country where it is registered and works. A comfortable service of IT-consulting is provided for the best organization of outsourcing service.

Contact us already today, so start your business in Europe.

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Buy your company in Europe already now. The easiest way to start your business is to buy a shell company. A choice of companies with experience is available as well. Prices start from 599.- Eur. Check our prices and locations.
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Accounting in Europe

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Accounting is a very important and complex part of the business. Especially if you are not based in the same country or do not speak the language.
Chose a country where your business is based in and let us help you.
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Additional Services

Virtual Offices, Tax Planning and much more..

We have a set of services that you might need if you have a company. Services are offered in several language. A list of our services includes, but is not limited to: accounting, virtual office, secretary, mail forward, nominal directors and much more.
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